Friday, January 17, 2014

Snats: Revisited

Coyote's Blessings introduced a new line of snats. Herein is a revised version of 'What is a Snat'?

What is a Snat? 

Snats are feline-headed snakes indigenous to the Planet of Legends. They are highly intelligent and adaptable. Each snat’s colors are unique.

Located throughout the continents (save, we assume, the Continent of Legends). Speculations about the origin of snats are varied. Rumors persist they are the creation of Genetici; however their true origins remain shrouded in mystery (leading to the idea they might be creatures of Dal, the great Mystery).

In the wild, snats are elusive. Despite their snake-like appearances, snats live in most environments. Unlike their reptilian cousins, they are warm-blooded. They have a keen sense of smell and are extremely sensitive to the flow of air currents, causing them to be one of the hardest creatures to catch.

Colorful hued wings bedeck their backs, giving them the ability to fly and hover. Snats usually live in trees; however some sub-species of snats are burrowers. Males build nests to attach mates. Snat females lay four to six eggs. Families live together until snatlings are raised and then part ways until the next mating season.

Stolen snat eggs are oft found in markets, and an omelet made from such serves 2-3 people. If caught wild as a snatling or purchased as a companion, they are easily raised and trained. Snats are affectionate and prefer live food. There are some who, on occasion, enjoy a can of cat food. 

As winged creatures, they create additional advantages and disadvantages to snat owners. They are excellent messengers if properly trained. Though once a common practice, clipping a snat's wings causes them to fall into a great depression from which they seldom recover.

Due to their greater sensitivity, they actively avoid persons of ill repute, hiding when persons of such nature are around, or rarely – they become actively aggressive. This too is a boon to snat owners.