Friday, May 5, 2017

Love is...

Love is... a comfortable silence.
Love is .... the crawling, excited sensation you get in the pit of your stomach when you are thinking about someone and when your heart jumps to hear their name.
Love is... being assured they will be there for you if you need a shoulder to cry or or want to tell a bad joke.
Love is... compassion, and understanding ... the understanding that everyone has bad days, no one is perfect, and everyone needs to be 'cut some slack' occasionally.
Love is... the desire to want to be with the person you love, looking forward to seeing them, hoping they call and actually answering the phone!
Love is.... the ability to see someone's imperfections and work around them, to work with them, and help the person if they want to change their imperfections.
Love is... the ability to see someone's good qualities, and compliment the person on them. Love is.... not belittling someone's self esteem but rather raising it up and supporting it.
Love is.... supporting someone else's dreams and ambitions and knowing they will do the same for you.
Love is... laughter.
Love is... light.
Love is... the way someone makes you feel about yourself, you like yourself when you around them. You like who you are with them and how they make you feel.
Love is... finding someone who views you as an equal. Love is... laying on your back on a grassy hill watching the stars or the clouds.... or walking around in a park or carnival with someone, and not wanting to be anywhere else at all.
Love is.... the person that holds your hair if you're puking. Love is.... sharing similar interests and doing things together.
Love is... not being afraid.

Love is... finding a piece of your soul you didn't realize you were missing until you found it.

Love is... trust.

Monday, September 14, 2015


After more than two years of waiting, Nightmare Through Memory Lane is completed.

We follow Flipp's story. What happened to her that caused her to be trapped within the ice column? Learn why she wilt forever now be associated with the Fire within. Discover her history as she reveals the identity of the mysterious Uncle L., and his connection to Basil.

Though not yet available in printed form, tis available through  Kindle in e-book format. Havest thou read it? Please write a review:

On Amazon or
On Goodreads.

Reviews of previous volumes also appreciated.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Great Myths

Throughout history there art numerous examples of myths, these legends that swim in the unconscious current of the planet. These tales include the stories of floods, demons, unicorns, dragons, and the underworld, among others. They art the tales that can be found on every continent and a multitude of cultures.

The Collective Unconsciousness of Earth's populace stems from the ancestral history of the species. Consider the information that permeates the world's cultures, those common themes traced in oral tradition, ancient texts, scholarly and secular writing and into the video games we play.

I call these the Great Myths. These art oft the foundation of popular icons and all havest staying symbols. These art stories that stem from the essence of a culture, brought about by some world-wide mutual event or creature and birthed into existence through the imaginations and perception of bards, storytellers, and historians.

The unicorn, for example, appears in differing forms - from its cloven hooves in Europe to the crimson and black fur of the kirin - however what it represents remains so close in nature to defy it being a coincidence. Wisdom, healing, purity, and on, these aspects are universal to this creature. In the Old World, many an oral and written tradition speak of the destruction of the old way due to the rising of waters (Biblical Flood, Atlantis) and many a culture in the New World wast birthed when the waters rose and receded. 

Whilst these are but two, all the Great Myths, in their differing versions, havest a commonality that is too apparent to ignore. This piece is short for now, yet more is forth-coming. I canst write at length upon this subject; however the candle grows short and so the light dims. Until I write again - tell me thy thoughts on the matter?

The stars are closer than you think. 


Friday, January 17, 2014

Snats: Revisited

Coyote's Blessings introduced a new line of snats. Herein is a revised version of 'What is a Snat'?

What is a Snat? 

Snats are feline-headed snakes indigenous to the Planet of Legends. They are highly intelligent and adaptable. Each snat’s colors are unique.

Located throughout the continents (save, we assume, the Continent of Legends). Speculations about the origin of snats are varied. Rumors persist they are the creation of Genetici; however their true origins remain shrouded in mystery (leading to the idea they might be creatures of Dal, the great Mystery).

In the wild, snats are elusive. Despite their snake-like appearances, snats live in most environments. Unlike their reptilian cousins, they are warm-blooded. They have a keen sense of smell and are extremely sensitive to the flow of air currents, causing them to be one of the hardest creatures to catch.

Colorful hued wings bedeck their backs, giving them the ability to fly and hover. Snats usually live in trees; however some sub-species of snats are burrowers. Males build nests to attach mates. Snat females lay four to six eggs. Families live together until snatlings are raised and then part ways until the next mating season.

Stolen snat eggs are oft found in markets, and an omelet made from such serves 2-3 people. If caught wild as a snatling or purchased as a companion, they are easily raised and trained. Snats are affectionate and prefer live food. There are some who, on occasion, enjoy a can of cat food. 

As winged creatures, they create additional advantages and disadvantages to snat owners. They are excellent messengers if properly trained. Though once a common practice, clipping a snat's wings causes them to fall into a great depression from which they seldom recover.

Due to their greater sensitivity, they actively avoid persons of ill repute, hiding when persons of such nature are around, or rarely – they become actively aggressive. This too is a boon to snat owners.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goal Achieved

Ere August comes to a close, the third volume of the Bookworld Series is completed! Nightmare through Memory Lane is still on schedule and should be available by the end of the year. Rest this weekend is in order, and in September beings the editing. In the up-coming weeks those with Kindle accounts may find free shorts therein.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sneak Peek

Chapter 2

Well, I should continue or I will never get through this tale. I am still in Castle Raja and I am already tired of talking.

After escaping the centoogres I wandered the halls of the castle, searching for anyone I recognized. Though my initial assessment of the castle’s layout proved correct – the corridor I took did lead me further into the castle – I was quickly lost. The hallways appeared to be the same and eventually none of them made sense. I was sure I walked in circles and yet when I attempted to retrace my steps, I could not find my way back. No signs of tracks remained on the stone floor.

The worst thing about it was the lack of anything distinguishable. No tapestries, no carpets on the walls, no windows, no archers’ slits and worst of all, no doors leading anywhere else. There was nothing natural about the castle at this point.

When I found a place with multiple ways leading out, I resorted to marking which choice I made – turned left, marked it, turned right, marked it. However, I never encountered any of my marks. Turning around did little to assist me. Eventually, I was hopeless lost in a twisting maze of passages that appeared all alike. I have never encountered such a castle as Raja! What a horrible, frustrating place.

In retrospect, I think I was already captured by Raquel and did not realize it. Otherwise, how would the rest of you have even found the throne room? Perhaps it was the White Dragon who led you there, or Lady Joeanne could see through the trickery of the castle’s mazes. I had no such luck.

Whether I was wandering for so long or some further enchantment was cast upon me, I do not know. However, soon I was weary. So weary my legs refused to support me. Perhaps by now others would have called out, sought their allies – as Illynallah teaches, I know Warren – I did not. I still have trouble relying on my allies, though I should by now what with all we have been through searching for the statues and jewels, eh Kinet? Perhaps things would have been different if I had sought help.

I did not and they were not. The weariness overcame me and forced me to my knees. I crawled. No one was around to see and I refused to give up. The air itself weighed heavy upon my shoulders and back. I continued to crawl, the weight ever-increasing until I simply crumpled on to the corridor’s floor. Breathing was difficult, I heard the breath from my nose as a laboured wheeze. I refuse to die here. I attempted to keep going, sliding my hand across the floor, my fingertips searching for the cracks in the stone to pull myself onward.....


Nightmare Through Memory Lane, Bookworld Volume III - Coming December 2013....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

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