Monday, April 22, 2013

Introducing - The Company Chronicles

Time Reference: The Near Future


“Tolkien would be proud.” 
“Amazing description and a complex story-line. From hunting down their arch-nemesis Gothalor to their descent into the Shroud, the multitude of complex hints keeps every reader guessing what is to come next.” 
“Wonderful dialogue.” 
"I can't wait for the movies!"
“The best long series since the Wheel of Time.” 
“Characters I want to follow and know more about. The Company are my friends.” 
"I want to see this as an HBO series."
“Excellent imagery and in-depth information on unique cultures and fascinating creatures.” 
“On the top 10 chart for a record-breaking number of weeks.” 
“Another suspense filled novel about the Planet of Legends." 
"The real question is - where will they go next?" 

These are some of the things said about the up-and-coming epic series the Company Chronicles. For those who enjoy the work of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, it is a must read. The on-going quests of a company of ever-evolving heroes, the Company Chronicles begins with two simple tasks - find a missing princess and rescue a dragon.

The companions strive forward through a myriad of incredible tasks, traveling on the road that ultimately leads them to their destinies and the answer to questions peppered throughout the novels. Who is Shadowflame? Who destroyed the Abcorn Jungle? How was Tsar’Lena frozen? Where is Kyzer and what does he plan for Trias?


Series 1 - Heroes in Training

  • Volume I: Shadows at Dusk 
  • Volume II: Dark Horizons 
  • Volume III: Dreams in Snow 
  • Volume IV Illuminated Return 

Series 2 - The Four Gates (The Shroud)

  • Volume V: The New Dawn 
  • Volume VI: The Sunken Gate 
  • Volume VII: The Legendary Gate (Gate of Legends) 
  • Volume VIII: The Frozen Gate (Gate of the Frozen North) 
  • Volume IX: The Kaleidoscope Gate (Temple of Many Colors) 

Series 3 - Dragons

  • Volume X: Lightpool's Rebirth 
  • Volume XI: .... ? 
  • And Beyond!

 * - Titles for Book 4 and beyond are a work in progress.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Haunted Places

On-going information regarding how the myths of this planet contribute to the Planet of Legends. The legends and stories that surround us today are part of the integral mythos of the Planet of Legends. These ghosts, aliens and lingering pantheons are the stuff that make up the Planet's reality.

Haunted Travel - Find the legends. Follow them.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Random Poem: Commit

Commit to your life.
Do whatever your passion demands, but do it with every grain of your heart.
This is your work, your life, your art.

CASS on Kindle

CASS is officially on Kindle for a nominal fee. CASS is one of my early attempts at short stories. I am currently working on a compiling poems from the Planet of Legends.

You can find both Bookworld Series books and CASS by going to Kindle's site: and searching KE Milrona. Please review the books if you have read them, and CASS too (please be kind!).

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Expanding and Networking

In other news, I created a Kindle Account and now have a Facebook Page.

In Kindle, I currently have one story in review. Over the next few weeks I intend to upload several short stories available for sale at low cost. The occasional one will be available free to download. Please stay tuned for more details on the matter.

In Facebook, I shall endeveour to keep the page updated. Come and 'Like' it.


Andromeda Galaxy

To Those Who Read - 

The vast majority of my work takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy. "Orphan Quest" and "DOT" take place on the Planet of Legends; however an entire galaxy of stories awaits my readers. Short stories, epic poems and other novels already exist in the wings, waiting to be discovered. 

Only sporadic information exists about the Milky Way Galaxy and this is limited to the occasional story or informational connection from Mars or Earth. However, news about these two planets is sketchy at best.

For interest I have created this site: Andromeda Galaxy. Please be aware that the information posted here is copywritten.