Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Places to Buy Bookworld

There are multiple places on line to buy the Bookworld Series. I recommend these two:

Coyote's Blessings - An on line store full of hand-crafted art. Check out "Inventory / Books" to find their current selection of my books.
Xlibris - This is the publisher of the Bookworld Series. They take some of the profit but shipping will be faster.

For those who prefer E-Versions of books. Short Stories can also be purchased here.

Kindle - If this link does not work go to Kindle's main site and search KE Milrona

There is one place in downtown Mountain View that carries the Bookworld Series.

Mountain View General Store: (Dana Street) - Newly opened in January of this year, this tiny store sells an eclectic collection of goods, and features the work of many local artisans (including Coyote's Blessings!). Mountain View General Store is a fast-growing store with an assortment of excellent goods.

Look for them on the bookshelves!

As a side note, Dana Street Roasting Company is good coffee. They do not carry the Bookworld series; however they do roast their own beans (as the name implies). The service is great and the people are friendly. They offer live music sometimes and are generally an awesome place to hang out (they have outside tables). Oh, and dogs are welcome – at least outside. Ask for a water bowl!

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